Oregon 16″ Double Guard Chainsaw Bar (56 Drive Links) 160SDEA041

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  • Slim symmetrical contour is light in weight, maneuverable, and reversible for long life.
  • Small-radius nose helps reduce kickback energies
  • Models are available with the Intenz® tensioning mechanism built into the bar itself.
  • Bar mount holes to mount the PowerSharp® bar mount sharpener are available on some models.

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  • Double Guard Bar
  • 16″
  • .050″ Gauge
  • 3/8″ Low Profile
  • 56 Drive Links

PowerSharp® the easy-to-use, precision sharpening system that gives chain saw users the power to sharpen their chain in a matter of seconds with a simple-to-use attachment. Bars with the PowerSharp® feature icon
have the holes to accept the PowerSharp® bar mount sharpener.


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